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OTT offers remarkable opportunity for broadcasters, cable operators, others, says SyncTV’s Gildred

Local broadcasters have seen a whirlwind of change over the past few years with the transition from decades old analog transmission technology to modern digital broadcasting.

Before they could even catch their breath, their insular world in which well-defined local markets were protected by the government from the import of out-of-market channels began a rapid metamorphosis into a much more open and diverse media landscape with the availability of Internet TV.

Cable TV operators, too, have witnessed a challenge to business as usual. Over-the-top television delivery has some researchers predicting significant future shifts in subscriber behavior, and some cable operators are looking for ways to adapt by rolling out their own Internet TV offerings.

Both groups, as well as satellite and Telco TV operators, must also deal with programming from around the world made available to consumers with nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection.

SyncTV, a turnkey provider of over-the-top television services, has a unique perspective on these unfolding events. In this podcast interview, SyncTV president John Gildred discusses how broadcasters, cable providers and others in the media and entertainment industry companies should consider approaching Internet television.