Onestop Toronto uses Broadview Traffic

BroadView Software goes underground with Onestop Toronto, the digital signage network of the Toronto Transit Commission
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Onestop Network, the private digital network for the Toronto Transit Commission's (TTC) subway network, has selected BroadView Software to provide the traffic and sales software that will manage the complex scheduling required by the network. When complete the Onestop Network will consist of double-screen 40in units on subway platforms. There is also a plan to extend the network to the subway cars.

The Onestop Network offers travelers a dynamic mix of news sports, transit information and advertising, as well as community service information including Child Find announcements, emergency override messaging, and transit updates for the 875,000 daily subway commuters. With BroadView's traffic and sales system, the network is able to manage complex schedules that will include advertising that runs on all screens within the network as well as station-specific messaging.

With hundreds of content segments and advertisements that run daily, Onestop Network requires a robust and flexible traffic system. BroadView allows Onestop traffic personnel to build complex schedules while also giving sales staff the capability to check avails at any time, which means advertising can be sold continually in a dynamic fashion to maximize revenues for Onestop and the TTC.

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