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October New Products


Vision mixer — available in 1M/E and 2M/E versions — includes 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs and eight outputs (expandable to 24 inputs and 13 outputs), with frame synchronizers for all inputs; features built-in resizing engines on four inputs to allow mixing HD, SD and PC sources; includes stores for up to 480 video frames and up to 100 events.


HD telephoto lens is designed for capturing detail and close-up images from far distances in mobile vans and stadiums, and for sporting events and large arenas; key features include OS TECH image stabilization, as well as an advanced diagnostic Focused Intelligent Network Diagnosis (FIND) system, which aids in preventative maintenance and troubleshooting by evaluating lens electronic and mechanical parameters.


10kW liquid-cooled transmitter available in a single cabinet features new technology that provides cooling while maintaining optimal serviceability; requires no coolant disconnect for servicing; offers broadband-design, high-efficiency amplifiers and extensive monitoring and diagnostics; available in power levels from 1.5kw and beyond; compact, modular design allows for expandability.

ProView 7100

Integrated receiver-decoder now features 4:2:2 decoding capability; enables content and service providers to deliver the professional video quality required for contribution applications; the decoder supports a variety of contribution and distribution applications, including single-channel decoding, MPEG-4 AVC-to-MPEG-2 transcoding and DVB descrambling.



Audio descriptor enables monitoring of pre-encoded HD data containing audio and pan/fade information; designed for use in master control rooms and playout suites; decodes audio description and control data from audio embedded in the HD-SDI transport stream; up to six audio descriptor modules can be housed in an Eyeheight FB-9E 1RU smart chassis.

TVU Networks
TVUPack TM8200

Designed to be a smaller and lighter mobile wireless 3G/4G/LTE uplink available in a backpack unit; enables camera crews to capture and transmit professional live HD video from more locations while using fewer data cards; powered by two new technologies: Inverse StatMux+, a resilient and reliable cellular transmission protocol, and TVU264, a proprietary H.264 encoding engine.

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Addition to the NV8500 series of routers supports hybrid audio/video routing with standard coax or fiber connectivity via a rectangular 144 x 288 matrix, all housed in just 8RU; designed for mobile production vehicles and smaller studios; includes crosspoint redundancy that protects a variety of signal paths, including multiviewer outputs; supports 3Gb/s, HD, SD, DVB-ASI and integrated audio processing — and, with its fiber connectivity, also supports CWDM.

Solid State Logic

ScreenSound ADR

Software designed to streamline ADR workflow for film, foley recording, and local language replacement for film and television; turnkey system combines a suite of integrated software applications providing dialogue spotting and session preparation, session control and management, and streamlined audio recording; also incorporates turnkey hardware-based system composed of Nucleus hardware control surface with Alpha-Link audio converters in the MX4 software mixer environment.


New version of the wireless handheld scroll controller features new RF module, enabling it to use more channels; also features a power-saving option that enables a 9V battery to last up to three months; redesigned enclosure makes it more comfortable for the presenter/talent; controller’s physical size has been reduced to accommodate smaller hands.


TouchMonitor TM3-3G

Software designed for metering, de-embedding and monitoring 3G-SDI audio features a 4.3in touchscreen capable of horizontal and vertical orientation; latest version also features 8-channel level and loudness instruments, a 16-channel 3G-SDI de-embedder with AES-3 outputs and an integrated monitoring controller with stereo output; can be upgraded with a built-in monitoring controller license using an on-screen fader for output-volume adjustment, a stereo output and phones out; an optional timecode license expands the feature set to allow external or SDI timecode signals to be decoded, displayed and used for additional functions.

Studio Technologies

Live-Link Jr.

Compact remote camera interface system is optimized for use in ENG, OB van, production truck and uplink vehicle applications; provides everything needed for a single-camera live shoot, including broadcast-standard talent cue (IFB) and intercom audio; the system transports one SDI video signal in each direction: camera end-to-truck end and truck end-to-camera end, supporting SD-, HD- and 3G-SDI signals; camera-end unit allows for remote powering using hybrid fiber/copper cable, 12VDC, or Anton/Bauer or “V-Mount” batteries.


Viz Engine

Latest version of compositing system allows for IP-based streaming video IO; graphics and video are composited in real time and output as a stream in many formats — from online, to mobile devices, to live on-air — eliminating the need for transcoding to each platform; multiple systems can render the same content and output different formats for multiple platforms.

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Broadcast Sports, Inc.

Waterproof HD camera with a compact size of just 8.25in by 6.5in is designed to be mounted on sailing vessels; has several additional water-based sporting event applications, including rowing, kayaking, yachting, surfing, water skiing, jet skiing and swimming; features high-quality 10X optical zoom; weighs less than 4.5lb; the operator can adjust the pan, tilt, roll, and zoom functions, as well as red/blue gain, iris, focus, shutter speed, saturation, master gain, and master pedestal remotely via a wireless UHF transmission channel to the built-in data receiver.

Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT)
Nucomm SkymasterTX

Video downlink transmitter is designed for the requirements of airborne downlink operations in news helicopters; features a built-in H.264 (MPEG-4) encoder and optional MPEG-2 encoder; also features secure BCRYPT AES 128/256 encryption; chassis design features ARINC mounting, with all of the connections and controls located on one side of the unit.

Broadcast Pix
Video Control Center 3.2

Designed for Granite and Mica systems, software features thumbnails of each camera’s preset position to aid with camera selection, and an integrated clip server that adds support for native Avid DNxHD clips; other enhancements include a Fluent-View display that links a completely customized layout to each show, the addition of frame capture to the still store and the inclusion of access to a second M/E for the Granite 2000 system.


Powered by Anton/Bauer batteries, the compact 5.8GHz COFDM RF transmitter can transmit a robust HD signal over great distances; is a collaboration between Anton/Bauer and Vitec Group sister company Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT); transmits directly to the AB-HDRX dual-diversity receiver or the DirectVu handheld confidence monitor/receiver; compact unit designed for reality-based, ENG/EFP and live event coverage; RF output of 100mW.

Digital Nirvana

Monitor IQ 3.1

New version of broadcast monitoring software includes several new features such as SDI playout, flexible content archiving, real-time newscast exporting, Dolby E audio standard support and H.264 video format support; additional features include watermark NAVE decoding, centralized management, and a director’s audio track.

VidChecker v4.5

QC software automatically and intelligently corrects common video and audio faults — including loudness to meet the latest EBU R 128/Tech 3341 and CALM (ATSC A/85) recommendations; scalable from a single license (four files at the same time) through to multiple servers working together in a VidChecker Grid; new version features Dolby E support, PSE enhanced spatial patterning checks and timecode continuity checking.

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Selenio Networking Module

Networking module enables broadcasters, production companies and telecom operators to use circuit-switched transport networks to transmit and receive video, audio and corporate IT data between two Selenio frames; a common application is mobile contribution from stadiums and other remote events to a host studio, as opposed to using more expensive satellite connections; offers direct connection — no bridge device required — to a variety of six common global telecom interfaces (DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, E3, STM-1 and STM-4).


Workflow platform allows users of Adobe video tools — including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude — to work together across virtually any network, using shared media; enables users to efficiently shoot, log, edit, share and finish video productions using standard open systems, networks and processes; can operate on existing hardware and network infrastructures, reducing the need for additional capital expenditure and resources.



Compact on-air graphics system is designed for live news, sports and OB productions; new system occupies just a quarter of the space of a standard HyperX system and consumes half as much power; features Lyric PRO graphics creation and playback software; allows stereoscopic 3-D graphics to be built easily from existing scenes without modification.


Cel-Scope3D v2.5

Analyzer is designed for use in 3-D grading and camera setup, quality control and post-production; provides operators with the ability to plot all depth activity and excursions against time; in new version, any feature on any display window can be magnified for closer inspection, and images can be instantly scaled between X2 and X100 for either left, right or any combination; new version also features Frame Shot facility and Pixel-Probe facility.


CDN technology leverages home networks to reduce infrastructure investments for operators and enable them to more efficiently deliver high-quality video services to end users; first application of nanoCDN will be used for live OTT video delivery, with more applications to be supported in the future; technology can be seamlessly integrated with any existing video headend; completely transparent to end users, the cost-effective system is compatible with any DRM system and does not require a dedicated client.

Camera Corps


Digital stills head captures high-quality still images from practically any location under full remote control; pan, tilt, zoom, pre-shoot and trigger can all be performed using a compact panel with a responsive joystick and pushbutton controller; images can be viewed at any time via a standard Ethernet or USB link from the camera to a desktop or laptop computer.

FastStream 9000

16Gb/s Fibre Channel RAID storage controller allows users to attach to low-cost SAS/SATA JBOD storage, creating a RAID-protected, high-capacity and low-latency solution; enables small to medium-sized studios to incorporate a collaborative project environment for ingest, editing and rendering HD video, digital film and audio; controllers are available in desktop or embeddable form factors.


Network management system provides comprehensive monitoring, management and reporting capabilities in an easy-to-use framework; can be combined with products in the T-VIPS Video Gateway, cProcessor and nSure ranges and integrated with other network management systems.