NorCom and Grid-TV cooperate on editing and program planning for IPTV

German IPTV company Grid-TV has partnered with NorCom to bring convergence to regular TV and IPTV editing and program planning. The solution enables the automatic distribution of formats and programs for both traditional TV broadcasters and IPTV newcomers. Based on NCPower, a suite for cross media productions, management and archiving of formats such as news and TV-Edit 5.0 HD, a program planning system for IP based media, it is possible to broadcast complete programs or single items through different channels (traditional or IP TV) simultaneously without any additional planning effort. Viewers not only can receive programs through traditional TV channels but also from the Internet, regardless of their location.

Existing TV formats are converted and broadcast in the Internet at the push of a button. In addition to that, the new NCPower editorial solution simplifies and facilitates generation of IPTV programs in a professional way. Broadcasters profit from the opportunity of flexible and cost-effective distribution of new and/or archived content.

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