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Next generation satellite communications to be explored

It’s 1969. Astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to step on the moon. A quarter of a million miles away from earth, Armstrong and Eagle lander co-pilot Buzz Aldrin not only rest atop the Sea of Tranquility but also are awash in technology, including cameras, microprocessors and communications gear, that continues to touch life back on earth and in the television industry today.

Fast forward to 2005. As part of ISCe 2005, the Space Enterprise Forum will focus on the future of NASA technologies and exploration, and how NASA intends to accomplish its goals.

Among the NASA-related presentations at this year’s event will be Next Generation Space Communications (SC) Technologies: NASA's Space Communications Project, moderated by Peter Hadinger, director of communications initiatives - Northrop Grumman Space Technology.

Those interested in identifying the technology and trends that are likely to impact satellite communications will learn during this session about the solutions being developed for the SC project, including products to provide end-to-end information delivery solutions and enable next generation communication architectures beyond 2010.

ISCe 2005, an annual international satellite and communications conference and expo, takes place May 31 - June 2 in Long Beach, CA.

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