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New Omneon products at IBC

The Omneon Spectrum supports simultaneous HD and SD playback.

Omneon will show three new products and upgrades at IBC2005.

The Omneon ProBrowse system provides facilities for creating and viewing low-resolution proxies of full-resolution material within an Omneon Spectrum system. The system monitors content directories within the server and automatically generates low-resolution versions of all material. The proxies are then immediately available for viewing by any networked PC using an MPEG-1-based viewer, including Windows Media Player and QuickTime Player. The proxy files created by the Omneon ProBrowse System are also immediately available to other broadcast applications.

Also at IBC, Omneon will introduce the capability to ingest and playback HDV material with the Omneon Spectrum media server. Users will be able to ingest and playback HDV material directly to air. The HDV material is stored in its native format, available to any HDV-capable editor. For playback, the HDV content is automatically scaled to a full 1920-line HD signal. This approach allows both native HD material and HDV material to be mixed on a single timeline for back-to-back playout.

New at IBC2005 will be the latest version of the company's media server, with capability for simultaneous playback of HD and SD content on either the same channel or independent channels.

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