New England Cable News turns to Junger audio processing

Surprising audio level changes when switching from one source to another and wildly varying average operating levels wreak havoc with unattended operation.

New England Cable News (NECN) was no exception to these problems and chose the Junger Level Magic audio processing system to better control on-air audio levels.

NECN selected the Junger CS8000 series frame to accommodate current needs and growth in the future. Having separate I/O modules allows operators to choose between different interfaces for various signal types. Up to 32 audio channels can be processed in one rack frame. NECN selected the embedded SDI processing module to minimize conversion processes in its air chain.

For the actual signal processing, NECN chose the Junger 8046 transmission processing module with Level Magic. Level Magic relies on a new adaptive level control algorithm capable of adjusting the right audio level from any source at any time. Transient processing plus peak limiting allow for continuous unattended control of any program material.

With Level Magic, the desired operating level and peak level are dialed in once, and then, continuous control, regardless of the source, is provided without further operator intervention.

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