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BitCentral Précis with storage.

BitCentral, provider of video content management and distribution solutions, has announced that NBC Universal has contracted with the company to install its Précis end-to-end play-to-air system into six of the network’s owned and operated (O&O) stations.

The BitCentral Précis solution gives broadcast stations the ability to immediately upgrade to a file based news workflow from ingest to air by providing the station’s news team with the tools to quickly deliver high quality news to its marketplace. Précis is an integrated solution ingesting multiple analog NTSC sources (such as microwave feeds) or SDI sources into the station’s digital workflow and allows the news team to gather, edit and file stories remotely. Précis also adds end-to-end, redundant digital news management solutions with non-proprietary storage and archiving capability.

BitCentral’s MediaPipe news management and distribution system was already in use at NBC NewsChannel for the dissemination of national news to the NBC Affiliate stations, so their O&Os can seamlessly integrate their local news into the national news interface. The revised workflow eliminates many unneeded steps that were a legacy from antiquated analog tape-based systems.

According to BitCentral, tape-based stations spend on average between 30 to 90 minutes to prepare a clip for air. In contrast, using a file-based system raw footage can be ingested and edited in the field and the finished clip sent to the station over microwave or the Internet.

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