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Nashville to test emergency response system

Nashville Public Television (NPT) and SpectraRep have announced a joint program to provide alert, training and emergency management capabilities to Nashville's Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

The pair will work with the Nashville Metropolitan Government to develop a training and emergency alert system called NPT MetroCast for use during an emergency training exercise Sept. 23-24 in Nashville. The system will use several SpectraRep tools to deploy a wireless all-hazards preparedness network for emergency management and ongoing training.

The NPT MetroCast system will use SpectraRep tools, including AlertManager and IncidentOne, which allow real-time information delivery. AlertManager is an emergency notification system that securely and reliably sends EAS, AMBER, weather alerts and other information to broadcasters for redistribution.

IncidentOne provides access to training content and the latest data on effects, protective gear and response measures for hazardous chemicals, biological and radiological threats and explosives.

The NPT MetroCast system will be deployed to support the City of Nashville and Greater Nashville Homeland Security District 5 during their 2005 Emergency Preparedness Challenge, one of the nation's largest local disaster preparedness exercises for emergency responders.

Data will be delivered in a secure and encrypted format over NPT's digital television (DTV) signals. During the exercise, information, such as real-time video, simulated EAS alerts and training content, will be sent by NPT's digital TV signal to exercise participants using computers and laptops across Middle Tennessee.

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