MSNBC installs two Calrec Alpha digital consoles

Calrec Audio today announced that cable news provider MSNBC has installed two identical 64-input Calrec Alpha digital consoles at the network’s broadcast center in Secaucus, NJ. Because of the network’s commitment to constant live programming, each console had to be installed within a 48-hour timeframe on successive weekends, to ensure that MSNBC was never without a working audio desk.

The Calrec Alphas accommodate MSNBC’s varying production schedule, with one desk typically being used live-to-air while the other handles preproduction and pretaping duties. For larger productions, one room can be used as a subcontrol room for the other. The identical configuration of the new consoles allows for seamless changes between functions as the broadcast situation dictates.

Calrec Alpha digital consoles are available in configurations of up to 96 input channels.

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