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Miniature high-end audio recorder

Sonosax’s MINIR 82

Sonosax’s new MINIR 82 is a small hard disk and CompactFlash card audio recorder specifically designed for on location recording.

The recorder is 4.75in x 3.15in x 1.1in in size and weighs 1/2lb. The recorder operates with 4 AA alkaline batteries.

Configurable from two to eight tracks with audio recording capabilities from 44.1kHz to 192kHz at 24-bits, the MINIR 82 writes industry standard WAV and BWF mono or stereo audio files to either its internal 20- or 30GB hard disk or to a small CompactFlash card.

The unit is also equipped with two high quality microphone amplifiers with switchable limiters , two analog line inputs and eight digital inputs (4xAES/EBU ). The MINIR 82 also offers full time code capability, including the HDTV format. The tiny recorder can also be used as master or slave device.

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