Mason Media Group goes with SSL C100 in upgrade

Partnership with D.C. Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications undergoes HD upgrade.
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Production company Mason Media Group (MMG) has chosen a Solid State Logic C100 Digital Broadcast Console as part of a facility-wide upgrade to high definition for the D.C. Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications.

Mason Media Group’s (MMG) collaboration with the D.C. Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications (OCTT) includes upgrading and expanding the OCTT’s all digital broadcast center, then marketing this new state-of-the-art HD broadcast center to commercial clients around the country. Its transition to HD, the audio centerpiece of which is the new C132, represents a milestone in government-commercial cooperation in production.

MMG’s productions span a broad range of programming, from complex productions requiring multiple remote feeds to teleconferences and satellite media tours, all of which must be handled seamlessly. To maximize flexibility, MMG modeled the design around the concepts used in a high-end production truck, allowing a vast array of production styles to happen over short time frames.

With the C100, all settings can be stored for a daily show, with additional settings for more occasional shows easily recallable. With an eclectic mixture of high-end broadcast and corporate clients, as well as a very diverse governmental client base, quality of all productions are enhanced and supported equally through both C100 flexibility and SSL technical support.

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