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Don't let control room or studio noise mask audio dynamic range.

Any background noise in the studio will be picked up by the microphones and recorded. But any noise in the control room will mask these low-level sounds, and the audio mixer won't be able to hear any of these problems. However, a viewer at home in a quiet living room with a high quality home theatre system just might.

Room noise can take on many forms. HVAC systems, unless properly designed for noise control, are notorious offenders with air and duct noise, machinery rumblings and fan clamor. Also watch out for equipment inside the room, such as computers and power amplifiers with their own fans, and rattling light fixtures.

Noise also consists of unwanted sounds from adjacent rooms, including floors above and below, and rooms unwittingly connected via air handling ducts. Can you hear foot traffic or conversations outside the control room door?

Then there is noise coming from outside the building--traffic, taxis honking their horns, construction jackhammers, the news chopper landing or taking off.

Listen carefully. What noises do you hear in your space?