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Linear Acoustic unveils multichannel audio distribution system

Linear Acoustic Model LA-5100

The new Linear Acoustic Model LA-5100 multichannel distribution system comprises two elements: The Model 5171 multichannel distribution encoder and the Model LA-5172 multichannel distribution decoder.

The system uses the apt-X ADPCM codec from Audio Processing Technology. Up to eight channels of PCM-format audio plus metadata referenced to any video frame rate audio can be encoded into a single AES pair of audio signals for storage, routing, switching and distribution. The system supports any audio sample rate and any video frame rate.

The LA-5171 encodes up to eight channels of PCM audio supplied via four AES-format inputs (plus metadata) into a single signal for connection to any system capable of passing bit-accurate, 16-24 bit AES-format data. The LA-5172 decoder decodes the resulting bitstream back into eight component PCM channels plus searchable metadata information.

The encoder will also encode 16-, 20- and 24-bit enhanced apt-X bitstreams as well as legacy 16-bit apt-X format. Internal mastering-quality sample rate converters allow input and output sample rates to be re-clocked to match local broadcasting plant reference signals.

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