Light Reading China to launch TelcoTV Asia 2009 in Shanghai

The first-ever TelcoTV Asia 2009 will be held Oct 13, 2009, in Shanghai. Produced by Light Reading China, the event will be hosted jointly by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and the Shanghai Economy and Information Technology Commission (SHEITC). Conference organizers expect an estimated 350 Chinese and Asian service providers and telecom companies, including Shanghai government ministries, Asia/Pacific carriers and industry analysts.

Among those presenting at TelcoTV Asia are China Telecom, SARFT, CCTV International, Shanghai Media Group, France Telecom, Open IPTV Forum, NTT Lab, SK Telecom, Telstra, Oriental Cable Network, Ericsson, BNS and Accedo Broadband.

The conference will cover all digital TV sectors including IPTV, cable TV, mobile TV and Internet TV, gathering experts from across the Asia/Pacific region. Issues to be explored include China's maturing broadband video; combining Internet video with fixed-line and mobile video services; leveraging China's huge mobile consumer base; competition between cable industry video services and telcos; differentiating IPTV from cable and DTT; and best practices for bringing Internet content to the television.

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