Less than one year remains until the 2GHz BAS relocation deadline

With less than a year before the government-imposed deadline for completion of the 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service relocation project, momentum in the conversion to 12MHz digital channels appears to be building.

Late last month, Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) announced it had received an order in excess of $4 million from Aerial Video Systems (AVS) for 2GHz BAS replacement equipment. The equipment includes a combination of electronic newsgathering equipment that will replace existing analog legacy portable radios.

AVS will use the new equipment to provide clients with turnkey solutions using aerial platforms, communications, digital microwave, point-of-view cameras and various other customized offerings. The products ordered include MRC’s PTX-PRO and PRX-PRO and Strata Portable Radios, and ENG CodeRunners and SD/HD cameraback radios from Link Research.

Another sign of progress is the RF Central announcemount that the company has delivered more than 600 RF Extreme radios for the relocation effort.

The FCC has ordered broadcasters and fixed link service users operating microwave transmission equipment in the 1990MHz to 2110MHz spectrum to replace their transmission facilities to operate on 12MHz-wide digital channels by Sept. 7, 2007. The mandated relocation is one piece of a larger commission effort to free some spectrum for use by emergency first responders and to open other frequency being used for BAS service to Sprint Nextel for cellular service.

While the pace appears to have hastened, many have questioned whether it is possible to complete the relocation project on time.

For more information, visit www.mrcbroadcast.com and www.rfcentral.com.