KyLinTV announces dramatic expansion of live Chinese broadcasts via IPTV

KyLinTV, which provides Chinese programming via IPTV in North America, last week unveiled a lineup of 26 new, live broadcast channels, bringing together the largest selection of Chinese broadcast entertainment available via IPTV.

The live broadcast channels will be available to KyLinTV subscribers by September 2006. KyLinTV currently offers a video on demand (VOD) library of more than 20,000 hours.

KyLinTV subscribers will have direct access to popular broadcasts from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, KyLinTV will broadcast U.S. Chinese channels, including news and entertainment produced exclusively for the Chinese-American audience. This large expansion of new channels will include the key provincial channels from China, Cantonese programming and specialty channels.

Two of the most significant additions to the broadcast lineup are Hunan TV, an entertainment channel in China, and Phoenix TV, offering premier programming for overseas Chinese.

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