K-WILL unveils portable lip-sync detector

K-WILL introduced the VP3000 portable HD/SD video and audio quality monitoring device at NAB2008. The VP3000 portable monitoring device automatically detects video and audio errors in real time, including lip-sync errors. This makes it easy for users to automate the quality monitoring of live video and audio from control rooms or video feed points and check lip-sync along the broadcast chain at the same time. An integrated graphics screen allows the operator to view a waveform of the video and audio in real time, including an exact readout of lip-sync drift in fields and milliseconds.

Operators, editors and engineers can test one channel from two points to detect lip-sync drift and monitor video quality. Errors such as blackouts, freezes and mutes are detected automatically in real time on a single-stimulus, frame-by-frame basis. A double stimulus process detects quality degradation such as compression strain and audio noise without inserting potentially harmful markers in the video stream.

For more information, visit www.kwillcorporation.com.