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Kasenna streams server cluster for metropolitan-scale VOD delivery

Kasenna has announced a new VOD server cluster that enables VOD service providers and cable operators to lower deployment and management costs for metro-scale triple play offerings.

Using mainstream Web-farm style clustering technologies with built-in redundancy and reliability, the cluster can power 1/2-million subscriber deployments from a single video head office using MPEG-4 AVC streams encoded at 2.5Mb/s. The benchmark tests used 12 dual processor servers based on the 64-bit Intel Xeon processor (3.4GHz) powered by Kasenna MediaBase version 8.1 software.

Achieving 144Gb/s of streaming capacity equates to 57,600 MPEG-4 streams at 2.5 Mb/s per stream and 38,400 MPEG-2 streams using 3.75Mb/s encoding (Cable Labs specification).

The benchmark was observed under real-world demand conditions using actual traffic from a VOD deployment and all mainstream components — loosely coupled Linux servers, standard file systems, and standard Gigabit Ethernet interconnections. Kasenna's Stream Clustering technology incorporates several algorithms for pre-caching, hot-spot measurements, load averaging and request arrival predictions.

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