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JustEdit to show HD servers at IBC2005

The HD500 and HD800 are available as single channel (vsnmatic), and single or dual channel (vsnairnews). The servers use MPEG-2, MP@HL encoding up to 80Mb/s in 720P and 1080i resolutions. They are designed for a tapeless networked environment and compatible with NLE HDV file formats.

vsnairnews HD500 is a live program video server integrated with the digital newsroom system vsnnews.

vsnnews integrates rundown creation tasks, text editing, content ingest, resource management, storage, cataloging, network editing with voice-over from the journalists workstation, archive, real-time titling, teleprompter and automatic news rundown Web publishing.

Using the same file formats, vsnmatic HD800 is the master control video server and automation software for 24-hour playout. As well as playing files ingested from NLEs, the vsnmatic can control ancillary equipment such as routers, VTRs, and CGs and integrates with other vsn systems such as vsnairnews.

The vsnmatic HD800 system includes the video server, the automation software, vsnmatic remote (to prepare rundowns remotely or via the Internet) and vsnpubli (advertising management software). The server is available in a 4RU, with an external 3.2TB storage in 2RU, giving an 85-hour capacity for 80Mb/s HD files or a 250-hour capacity for HDV files (25Mb/s).

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