Jones Mobile installs 10 new Fujinon lenses on Vision HD mobile unit

North Little Rock, AR, video production company Jones Mobile Television recently installed 10 new FUJINON HDTV lenses on VisionHD, its 51ft expanding mobile unit that was recently upgraded to HD.

The HD lens package — to be used with new Sony HDC-2400 3G multiformat HD camera systems — includes four FUJINON XA88x8.8BESM and two FUJINON XA77x9.5BESM HDTV big box lenses, three HA23x7.6BERM lenses and one HA14x4.5BERM Premier Series HD ENG field lens.

As part of an extensive $3 million upgrade, VisionHD’s interior was gutted and rebuilt as a multiformat HD truck. The truck’s onboard systems now include a Grass Valley Kayenne switcher, Chyron Duet Hyper X3 live graphics system, Miranda and Matrox multiviewer flat-screen monitor walls, PESA Cheetah router, and multiple EVS systems for slow motion, editing, and multichannel playback.

The truck previously carried FUJINON SD lenses that had been in service for about 13 years. The lenses were still in good working order when Jones sold them to another company for use in its studio. That speaks volumes about FUJINON lenses. Even after using them in extreme weather conditions, if maintained them properly, they will last many years.

Designed for use at large venues and sporting events, the XA88x8.8BESM is an HD telephoto “big box” field lens with an 88X zoom range. Designed for 2/3-inch cameras, the XA88x8.8BESM offers focal lengths of 8.8-777mm at 1X and 17.6-1554mm with the 2X extender.

The XA77x9.5BESM telephoto field lens, which is also a 2/3-inch big box HD lens, offers focal lengths of 9.5-732mm at 1X, and 19.0-1464mm with the 2X extender. Both DigiPower big box style lenses feature FUJINON’s exclusive aspheric technology, anti-fogging and optical stabilization, as well as EBC coating to reduce ghosting and flare and increase light transmission. The Premier Series HD ENG style lenses both offer 2X extenders and DigiPower servo technology.