IMT helps major Spanish network link California

If you live in the Northeast, you probably wish it was feasible to tear up the energy grid and start from scratch, running power lines closer to the surface. That would make it so much easier for technicians to make repairs when the next Hurricane Sandy strikes.

Not happening.

However, something similar is taking place in the microwave network industry, and Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC, a member of the Vitec Groups’ Videocom Division, is planning to take full advantage of the growth potential.

IMT built a point-to-point microwave network throughout the state of California for a major Spanish-language broadcast television network. Built entirely using IMT’s RF Central GL Fixed Link Series, the newly completed network allows the broadcaster to send HD signals back and forth all along its individual stations, up and down the state of California.

“This is the largest scale of this type of project we have done to date,” says Integrated Microwave Technologies Divisional Chief Executive Stephen Shpock. “In addition to providing equipment, we are now fully capable of designing, building and installing any major networking system to meet any broadcast need.”

The system IMT includes the company’s UNM/3 encoder and decoder modules, which allow for the easy addition of remote cameras capable of communicating with the main facility via a studio transmitter link. 

More information on IMT can be found at the company’s website.