Home networking strategy offers competitive advantage, says report

A home networking strategy can improve the competitiveness of an IPTV service vis-à-vis cable and satellite services, according to a new report from MRG.

“IPTV Home Networking Strategies, 2006,” also discusses how such a strategy will help to position IPTV operators against the PC and consumer electronics industries. According to the report, extending their management systems to include the home network will give IPTV operators an entry into the home that none of these competitors can match today.

IPTV operators also can use the home gateway and IPTV set-top box to provide both local- and network-based services. These strategies can give IPTV operators an important early lead because neither the cable nor satellite companies have the two-way communications infrastructure, or the set-top boxes, that can compete against these services.

The report examines available worldwide standards for home networks and home gateways and suggests various strategies and architectures for interconnecting both AV and PC devices in the home. It reviews the costs, risks and opportunities for each strategy.

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