Harris Broadcast introduces Platinum IP3 router

Harris Broadcast has introduced the Platinum IP3 router, which is designed to accommodate separate video, audio and data paths within the same frame.

The router also can scale to multiframe configurations for large broadcast and media operations using a common architecture, simplifying installations and eliminating costs associated with external components and complex cabling. Its intelligent architecture maximizes on-air security, with a new approach to audio, video and multiviewer signal protection based on redundant crosspoints and integrated routing designs.

The router's "triple-path" architecture retains the ability to cleanly separate video and audio signals while offering a true path to network convergence.

The Platinum IP3 delivers high-quality, multiformat signal routing up to 576 x 1024 in a single 28RU frame. It can scale to at least 2048 x 2048 in multiframe configurations without external distribution amplifiers or combiners, reducing costs and labor. The design eliminates the need to take stations off the air while scaling into multiple frame systems.