Gemstar-TV Guide chooses Triveni Digital to build distribution network

Enhancing the capabilities of its interactive program guide (IPG) information delivery system, Gemstar-TV Guide International has selected Triveni Digital to build a digital distribution network for TV Guide On Screen interactive program guide (IPG) data via ATSC transmission. TV Guide On Screen is Gemstar-TV Guide's IPG for the consumer electronics arena.

Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder metadata management system will support a new interface designed to accept the TV Guide On Screen information from Gemstar-TV Guide's network operating center and insert it directly into DTV streams at ATSC broadcast stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

To support ATSC stations in distributing program information through their PSIP generator, the GuideBuilder system will also be enhanced to support program listings from TV Guide Data Solutions, a data collection and distribution business for program listings and channel lineups. This will create yet another option for broadcasters who want to select from a variety of program information sources supported by GuideBuilder.

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