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Gallery announces SIENNA MOS architecture for QuickTime

The new SIENNA architecture for QuickTime NEWS includes a Mac-based MOS gateway, providing the opportunity to integrate Apple’s Final Cut Pro into serious television news workflows. SIENNA also provides QuickTime ingest and playout architecture to complement news editorial in Final Cut Pro. It allows systems integrators to build a QuickTime-based media infrastructure, benefiting from the power, flexibility and cost effectiveness of QuickTime, and exploiting the open systems nature of the Final Cut platform with technologies such as XML import/export.

SIENNA’s integration with news systems like ENPS is comprehensive, supporting most MOS profiles and including technologies such as WordLink to dynamically connect story text position and video timeline position while editing. It also delivers QuickTime-based proxy video from incoming and edit sources.

SIENNA comes in response to huge demand for Final Cut Pro integration from the world’s news broadcasters. It brings immediate compatibility based around native QuickTime and single media shared storage with Apple’s Xsan.

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