Fisher Communications employs Omneon Spectrum for centralcasting application

Fisher Communications is relying on Omneon Spectrum media servers for an innovative application in which three CBS affiliate stations and four Univision affiliate stations will share a single remote master control facility. Coordinated by Seattle-based systems integrator Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS), the project connects KIMA and KKFQ, in Yakima, WA; KEPR, in Pasco, WA; KLEW, in Lewiston, ID; KUNP, in La Grand/Portland, OR; KUNB, Boise, ID; and KVVK, in Kennewick, WA; to the master control hub located in downtown Seattle.

Commercial and programming content will be centralcasted directly to the regional stations from a 12-channel Spectrum system holding 300 hours of 12Mb/s MPEG-2 content. The centralcasting operation is controlled by an eight-playlist Sundance Digital automation system. A managed MPLS cloud provides connectivity over a mix of carriers including DS-3 and digital microwave, which is designed to optimize cost versus bandwidth.

At each station, smaller Spectrum systems will provide a local ingest facility and backup for transmissions. Local spots and interstitials will be ingested and synced to the central server via FTP with Sundance Media Prep and DataMover. In the event of communications loss to the hub, the edge servers with Sundance Air Control will also provide backup for the regional stations.

Sundance also installed a seven-channel Intelli-Sat application for satellite and remote recording. Fisher's traffic is also centralized and its log processing done at the Seattle facility.

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