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FCC order establishes BRS, FS relocation procedures

The FCC adopted the Ninth Report and Order April 12 establishing procedures for Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) licensees to use in relocating incumbent Broadband Radio Service (BRS) and Fixed Microwave Service (FS) operations.

According to the FCC, the procedures will promote the rapid deployment of broadband, voice and data services to the public by new AWS licensees and minimize the disruption to incumbent BRS and FS licensees during the relocation process.

The relocation rules affect existing BRS operations in the 2150MHz to 2160/62MHz band and FS operations in the 2110MHz to 2150MHz and 2160MHz to 2200MHz bands. The commission also established cost-sharing obligations for AWS and Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) entrants that benefit from the relocation of FS and BRS operations in these bands.

The relocation procedures in this item generally follow the commission’s Emerging Technologies relocation policy, with modifications to accommodate BRS and FS operations.

The adoption of relocation procedures for BRS also permitted the commission to issue an order dismissing as moot a petition for reconsideration of the service rules for AWS.

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