Eyeheight to show audio shuffler at SATIS

Eyeheight will introduce two additions to its range of modular broadcast and post-production equipment at SATIS 2007 in Paris, Oct. 23-25.

The new AS-2MD multidefinition audio shuffler simplifies the task of re-assigning embedded audio channels within an HD-SDI or SD-SDI feed. A second input allows embedded audio to be extracted from one feed and added to alternative video from another. Also provided is a preview output enabling the user to set up the system with live feeds before taking the configuration to air. Complex user presets can be created quickly and easily using a soft control panel running on an adjacent or remote PC.

Eyeheight's LI-1DM is a dual-channel multidefinition logo inserter with each channel totally independent. It allows logo upload to onboard Flash memory and monitoring and control via Ethernet interface. Logos can be switched seamlessly among four source banks, enabling on-air channel branding to be performed efficiently and reliably. Multiple BB-2MD logo inserters can be networked using Eyeheight's NL-7 netLogo logo software, and 12 independent keyers can be housed in a single 1RU chassis.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.