DualDisc launch delayed

Record labels delaying roll out of the combined-CD/DVD DualDisc, originally slated for Christmas

Despite tentative positive responses to limited test market trials earlier this year, major U.S. record labels are expected to delay the launch of the DualDisc, an optical disc with a Red book CD on one side and a DVD on the other.

BMG, Sony (now Sony/BMG), EMI, Universal and Warner Bros. participated in sales tests in Seattle and Boston in February. The trials were reportedly successful, with titles selling at $18.99 and minimal incompatiblity problems with consumer players. (DualDiscs slightly exceed the 1.2mm thickness of individual CDs and DVDs but are within the technical specification of 1.5mm for optical media discs.)

However, several legal issues, including the use of the CD logo controlled by Philips, and artist royalty rates, have caused the labels to delay the DualDisc roll out until early 2005.

For more information, visit www.dualdisc.com and www.dvdforum.org

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