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Doremi unveils LiveEditPro profanity cleaner and commercial insertion

Doremi’s LiveEditPro with MCS Server

LiveEditPro is a Windows software application that controls Doremi's MCS server via Ethernet. LiveEditPro is designed for profanity delay and commercial insertion applications. Together with the MCS it provides a powerful and fully integrated playout management system.

LiveEditPro sets the MCS to delay the incoming video feed from seconds to several hours. Video delay is required to provide time for the system to insert new video material or to overwrite audio or video profanity.

When a section of the incoming live material is selected for replacement, an insert point is specified and a replacement video clip is selected and placed on the playout timeline.

Depending on the length of the inserted video clip, LiveEditPro will automatically increase or decrease the delay time. The operator for an exact fit can also trim the clip.

Replacement video material can be recorded on the MCS without interrupting the video delay. Specifying time code in and out points creates highlights from the recorded video.

Specific functionality is also available to replace profanity. The video or audio track can be replaced exclusively. For video, a pre-recorded segment, video pattern or black video can be inserted. For audio, an audio tone or audio mute can be selected.

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