D&M Professional’s latest flash

D&M Professional has launched the PMD650, a single-rackspace Compact Flash recorder capable of recording uncompressed .WAV files at 44.1 or 48kHz. Using a standard 1GB Compact Flash card, the PMD650 can record more than 90 minutes of uncompressed stereo or more than three hours of uncompressed mono audio. It also handles more than 17 hours of stereo MP3 audio or more than 35 hours of mono MP3.

The PMD650’s solid-state design boasts no moving parts, and the unit features RCA I/O, two remote jacks and an RS-232 port. The front panel features a headphone output with volume control, as well as USB interface for uploading and downloading sound files. Onboard non-destructive editing is supported, and up to 99 virtual tracks can be created.

For more information, visit www.d-mpro.com.

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