DG and ConfirMedia offer bundled service to broadcasters

Proven spot distribution and airplay verification services now available from both companies
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DG Systems and ConfirMedia are offering a bundled service to all advertisers and broadcasters.

Utilizing each company's proprietary network and data management systems, the DG-ConfirMedia bundled service offering streamlines the workflow - scheduling, watermarking, distribution, tracking and airplay verification - between advertisers and media outlets.

Once DG receives a commercial, a watermark is embedded. The spot is handled and distributed through the DG network, and the ConfirMedia technology detects airplay. On a real-time basis users can access data online to help effect changes - prior to airing and in-flight.

Post broadcast, advertisers and agencies will be able to evaluate their media campaigns and buying strategies. Third-party detection and verification services allow media schedules and traffic instructions to be reconciled to actual airplay.

For more information, visit www.dgsystems.com and www.verance.com

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