Deutsche Welle to streamline newsroom workflow in Bonn, Berlin

Deutsche Welle (DW) has selected Dalet OpenMedia and OnAir plug-in to equip its broadcast newsroom.

The OpenMedia platform will provide planning, scheduling and playout capabilities for DW television, radio and Internet operations. The integrated OnAir automation extension will streamline workflow between newsroom and gallery operations. The installation seeds more than 1000 workstations across sites in Berlin and Bonn, Germany. It will produce TV and radio programs in 28 languages.

The Dalet solution will offer a newsroom workflow that incorporates existing processes and legacy systems as well as provide new, more effective approaches to content development. The OpenMedia newsroom and OnAir extensions that control Omneon servers will encompass the entire workflow —from planning to broadcast.

The OpenMedia Extensions will allow DW to manage the playout of assets residing in production, playout and archiving workflows. The entire solution operates using one common database, operating system and interface.

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