Custom Consoles completes De Montfort University build

The new Creative Technology Studio is designed to bring a real-world environment to the academic teaching facility.

Custom Consoles has completed a major contract for the new Creative Technology Studio complex at De Montfort University in Leicester, England. Aziz Rashid, head of regional and local programming for BBC East Midlands, opened the facility on Nov. 15. Custom Consoles was contracted to provide desks and storage furniture for the multimillion-dollar facility's audio production and radio presentation studios.

"One of our most important objectives was to reflect as accurately as possible the working environments and operational routines involved in every aspect of modern audio and video production and transmission," said Chris Wyatt, technical manager at De Montfort University's Faculty of Computing Sciences & Engineering. "Custom Consoles furniture is used in many major broadcast establishments, including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and CNBC, as well as in the independent post-production sector. It combines sturdy construction with attractive styling and provides easy access to equipment for real or simulated maintenance."

The Creative Technology Studio project included four identical radio studio desks, three audio production desks and an L-shaped audio editing desk. The radio desks are 3m wide with extra rear shelf space for loudspeakers and monitor screens. The audio production desks are up to 4m wide, with equipment bays and patch panels above and below the desktop. The L-shaped desk houses a large Digidesign audio mixer used for editing and supports an additional bay housing audio effects processors. All the desks are oak-finished MDF with hardwearing linoleum work-surfaces.

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