Crown Media monitors Hallmark channels with Volicon Observer logging

Crown Media Family Networks is using the Volicon Observer TS (transport stream) digital video monitoring and logging system to monitor its Hallmark and Hallmark Movie channels.

Enabling convenient remote review of live and aired content, the Observer system facilitates rapid troubleshooting and simplifies key tasks including loudness and closed-caption compliance, NAVE ratings assurance, and traffic reconciliation. Crown Media also has installed an analog Observer system to give the company's programming department competitive monitoring capabilities.

The Observer TS allows Crown Media to log MPEG transport streams from the East Coast and West Coast Hallmark and Hallmark Movie channels. Because Observer TS logs the full transport stream, users at Crown Media can go back as many as 10 days to examine and/or export content from the transport stream, or browse as many as nine months if working with low bit rate proxy content.