Consumers to make “significant” shift from double- to triple-play service

Market researcher IDC predicts the U.S. market for bundled communications services will grow from fewer than 45 million customer relationships today to more than 84 million in 2010.

A new IDC study, “U.S. multiplay bundled services 2006-2010,” examines and forecasts the market for bundled communications services in the United States over a five-year period ending in 2010.

Today, many U.S. households are already receiving cable and Internet services from the same provider, known as double play. In a few years, these customers will be subscribing to additional services from that provider for the benefit of one less bill to pay.

By mid-2008, IDC forecasts a significant shift from double-play broadband and video to triple-play broadband, video and voice. This trend signals a significant shrinking of standalone services within each core industry such as voice and cable. However, when voice and cable are bundled with other services, the outlook is much brighter.

According to IDC, new technologies and strategic partnerships are two factors that will drive growth and allow the major cable and telecom providers to offer a greater variety of bundled service packages. Cable VoIP, IPTV, satellite and mobile strategic partnerships will act as drivers to propel the market forward.

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