China moves closer to mobile TV handset standard

The China Association for Standardization has adopted the China Digital Multimedia Broadcast (CDMB) mobile TV handset format as its association standard. It will submit the standard — CSA158-2007 — to China’s Standardization Administration as a candidate for national standardization.

The Chinese government is hoping to see widespread mobile TV adoption in the country by the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. It has already adopted a standard for the delivery of mobile TV services, DMB-T/H. Meanwhile, handset makers and other mobile players are likely pushing for a national mobile handset standard in order to tap into a market with more than a billion potential mobile TV consumers. In a recent press statement, Zhiyang Wu, chairman of Qiao Xing Mobile, parent company of CEC Telecom, which helped draft the CDMB standard along with seven other companies, said a national handset standard would help his company “maintain its market position in the handset manufacturing industry in China.”

CDMB is based on DAB and the Audio Video Standard (AVS), a compression codec for digital audio and video that was developed in China.