CANAL+ illustrates plays with Piero

Red Bee Media has supplied its Piero 3D graphics technology with its new moveable player feature to CANAL+. This enables the channel to enhance its coverage of football and rugby. CANAL+ will use Piero on its Ligue1, Champions League and Premier League games each week as well as in its weekly magazine shows. The broadcaster will also use Piero’s 3-D graphics in its rugby analysis to illustrate tactics to its viewers.

Piero is used by broadcasters to illustrate critical moments from football and rugby matches using 3-D graphics and replay them in a virtual stadium from angles that can’t be captured by conventional cameras. Piero will enable CANAL+ to analyze the action, live in the studio, by using a touch screen. This allows commentators to draw directly onto the pitch and switch between real and virtual views at the touch of a button.

The most recent development in Piero technology enables presenters to move players with their finger on the touch-screen from one area of the pitch to another. CANAL+ will be one of the first broadcasters outside the UK to use the new moveable player feature. These features help commentators highlight the players they are talking about and easily illustrate their view on the game.

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