Bonded IP app adds iPhone 5 to mix of marathon live coverage resources

German production company Tividoo deployed LiveU's LU-Smart mobile application for regional public broadcaster SWR's online coverage of the recent Mainz marathon.

Supporting all iOS/Android devices, the LU-Smart mobile app extends the coverage of LiveU users by supporting contribution from a smartphone or tablet. Based on LiveU's fourth-generation uplink technology, LU-Smart bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections to reach optimal video quality.

The marathon, which attracted about 9000 runners and 15,000 spectators, was covered by a combination of emerging technologies. Tividoo shot the event from a car alongside the runners and then held post-race interviews with the runners in the main square.

The car was fitted with a Viprinet Multichannel 510 Router that can bond up to four 4G networks as well as a Ka-band satellite connection. This created a WLAN around the car. While moving and shooting the runners, 4G uplink connectivity was used. At the end of the race when stationary, that setup was augmented with a Ka-band link.

An iPhone 5 with the LiveU LU-Smart app and an LTE SIM was attached to a steady rig and a stabilized car mount and used for the actual video capture.

The LiveU technology was supplied by LiveU's German partner Netorium.