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BNT Thailand automates with Dayang

The Dayang MagicWall multi-screen display

Broadcasting Network Thailand has ordered a Dayang D3-Air automation system to control ingest and playout from its headquarters in the Thai capital city of Bangkok.

The contract includes Dayang MagicWall multi-screen controllers for the BNT master control room. Using MagicWall, picture display configurations can be modified quickly and easily in accordance with evolving operational requirements. Up to 24 video channels can be displayed on a single 1600x1200 pixel high-resolution plasma screen.

Eight Dayang's D3-CG character generators will enables graphics, titles and animation. Running on a PC platform, it offers 3-D titling and object-based timeline control for infinite-layer editing. Customizable news report templates allow fast text editing and delivery. Weather forecasts can be created automatically from title templates, including electronic data code and individual transition/display effects for each object.

Financial and stock reports can be generated from real-time imported stock exchange data. Dual channel configuration with preview/program output allows preview of next delivery event, including individual control of each channel. All major written languages are supported as well as many minority scripts.

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