Beyerdynamic to introduce Headzone at AES

Beyerdynamic has announced that it will introduce a portable surround mixing system called Headzone at the AES convention in San Francisco in October. Consisting of a specialized headset and portable, dedicated processing module, Headzone is designed to be an affordable, flexible alternative method for 5.1 mixing outside the typical recording studio and OB truck environment.

Headzone uses outboard DSP through a patented ultrasonic headtracking system, which locates the orientation of the mix engineer’s head with respect to the source material and adjusts the audio accordingly, allowing complete freedom of movement. The system also offers an advanced room simulation program, which allows the user to create an ideal auditory space within which to monitor the surround audio and, therefore, provide the optimal “sweet spot.”

As a result of the system’s portability, audio engineers have the capability to mix and monitor surround sound in whatever location they choose.

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