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Aviat Networks Offers Microwave Radios for 70-80 GHz Spectrum

Higher data rates require more bandwidth, and as microwave frequencies used for backhaul become more congested this is leading companies to consider the use of ever higher frequency bands. Aviat Networks recently announced a new microwave radio, the WTM 3300, that it claims is the "smallest and lightest 70-80 GHz radio on the market."

Its design allows use of an embedded antenna that's almost invisible, making it usable in areas where highly visible parabolic antennas can't be used. Aviat claims that in addition to providing high bit rates, the radios have a range of up to10 km in some regions.

"The Aviat WTM 3300 70-80GHz radio offers up to 1 Gbps capacity, which makes it ideal for meeting the requirements of even the most stringent urban application," said Ola Gustafsson, Aviat Networks' senior vice president, product and services portfolio management. "WTM 3300 supports this high throughput at one-fifth the weight and one-half the power requirements of traditional all-outdoor Ethernet microwave radios."

While broadcasters are not mentioned among potential users on the Aviat networks website, it seems that in some areas this radio could be useful for linking nearby facilities and ENG receiver sites as an alternative to fiber links with even greater capacity.