Aloha Partners forms new subsidiary to test DVB-H service

Aloha Partners, a major owner of the 700MHz spectrum in the United States, has formed a subsidiary called Hiwire to test a digital broadcast network in Las Vegas.

Hiwire will deploy a high-resolution broadcast network and deliver 12MHz of television, music, datacasting and interactive entertainment services for wireless carriers and consumer electronic device makers.

Hiwire will sell its services to wireless carriers and consumer electronic device makers, offering a cost-effective way to deliver high-definition mobile entertainment content to subscribers.

According to Charlie Townsend, president of Aloha Partners, by using 700MHz to deliver those channel choices to consumers, Hiwire will require one-tenth the number of cell sites when compared to higher frequency systems.

Hiwire will test its mobile TV offering in Las Vegas using UHF channels 54 and 59 and use the Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) platform. Following successful completion of the pilot program and continued interest from wireless carriers, the service will be expanded to other markets.

Hiwire will feature high-resolution, live broadcast quality programming delivered via a high-speed network designed to take advantage of H.264/MPEG-4 enabled wireless devices. Frame rates will achieve up to 30 per seconds.

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