Alan Dick Broadcast spearheads key antenna upgrade for Spain's Torre de Collserola Tower

Alan Dick Broadcast Limited (ADBL) recently announced that it has been awarded a contract from Abertis Telecom for an antenna upgrade to the Torre de Collserola radio and TV tower in Barcelona, Spain. ADBL has been commissioned to replace the tower’s aging unit with a high-power, multi-channel FM CPOL spearhead panel antenna with an eight-around configuration to provide an extreme omni pattern.

Abertis, one of the main stockholders of the Torre de Collserola, selected ADBL’s FM CPOL spearhead panel antenna because it fulfilled the strict specifications and requirements imposed by the tower to meet the demands of its customers. In addition to commissioning the system, ADBL will also conduct factory acceptance testing to ensure optimum performance upon installation.

The antenna offers a heavy-duty screen and dipole assembly that’s constructed of galvanized steel, assuring long trouble-free service under the toughest environmental conditions. The spearhead panel, with its massive crossed dipole radiating elements, was developed to meet the demanding requirements of the high-power, multichannel FM market. The panel is ideal for multichannel operation over the complete FM band from 88MHz to 108MHz. A system VSWR of 1.1:1 is achieved for each operating channel.