Agilent N2X multiservices test solution verifies IPTV service delivery

Agilent Technologies’ N2X multi-services test solution has validated the performance of IPTV service delivery over the largest multilayer GMPLS/MPLS test network ever constructed, the company announced last week.

The multivendor interoperability test was conducted at Isocore Internetworking Lab. Working with more than 10 leading MPLS and GMPLS vendors at Isocore, Agilent N2X supported the functional and performance verification of IPTV service delivery over MPLS and MPLS/GMPLS interworking. The Agilent N2X was able to emulate the optical control plane to establish the GMPLS network -as well as verify MPLS-enabled services, such as multicast VPN, VPLS and IPTV, in one platform.

N2X's IPTV channel-zapping application and comprehensive MPLS test capabilities were used together to compare IPTV service delivery across multicast Layer 3 VPNs (mVPN) and hierarchical virtual private LAN services (H-VPLS) infrasturctures. The real-time graphical representation of channel join/leave latency enabled vendors to measure the performance of the underlying network and its ability to maintain the service Quality of Experience (QoE) using N2X.

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