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Adtec supplies ASI encoding for WGHP-TV

FOX affiliate WGHP-TV in the Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, N.C. area, recently installed Adtec’s edje-2110-2 SDI encoder for transmission of digital video. Adtec’s edje-2110-2, supporting two Dolby Digital audio channels, encodes serial digital video with embedded AES-EBU audio in real time. The resulting MPEG-2 transport stream then is sent to the cable headend and the station's digital transmitter.

The station plans to run an analog backup fiber-optic link to the local cable headend, with an ASI digital run to interface with the cable operator’s ASI backbone system. The link also provides a path for a separate HDTV digital signal to ride along the fiber to the cable headend.

Visit WGHP and Adtec Digital for more information.

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