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400 million to subscribe to broadband service worldwide by 2010

The number of broadband subscribers worldwide will double over the next five years, reaching 413 million people by the end of 2010, according to high-tech market research firm In-Stat.

Several reasons contribute to the growth, but heading the list are the increasing availability of broadband services and the proliferation of new applications that rely on high-speed connections, according to In-Stat analyst Mike Paxton. Gradually falling service prices and triple play bundling play a role as well, he said.

A recent In-Stat research report, "The Broadband Boom Continues: Worldwide Subscribers Pass 200 Million," found:

  • DSL remains the leading broadband access technology. On a worldwide basis, it currently accounts for 69 percent of all broadband subscribers;
  • Based on current worldwide broadband growth rates, 3.7 million new subscribers will sign up for broadband services each month this year. In the United States, 670,000 new subscribers every month are projected to sign up.
  • In late February 2006, the total number of worldwide broadband subscribers passed 200 million.

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