Zylight F8-100 LED Fresnels Light ‘Legacy Project’

LOS ANGELES—Over the last year Brent Foster, a director and cinematographer for Foster Visuals in Wallaceburg, Ontario, launched the ‘While I’m Here │The Legacy Project,’ profiling unique and selfless individuals. Since its launch, Foster has traveled the country to capture three individual stories, and for each he brought along the Zylight F8-100 LED Fresnels.

Zylight in use on set of a 'Legacy Project' shoot

Foster is able to use the lights on location thanks to it being water resistant and it being able to run on a 14.4V camera battery. Other advantages of the lights include consistent color quality and control with the barn doors, 8-inch glass lens, and spot and flood controls, according to Foster. The ability to collapse the ‘Flat Fresnel’ to four inches thick and Zylight’s custom travel kit makes it easily portable.

The Zylight F8-100 is available in both tungsten and daylight and draws 90W. It also features an LED engine with quantum dot technology, a high Color Rendering Index and high Television Lighting Consistency Index. DMX operation and ZyLink wireless technology allow multiple Zylights to link to simultaneous remote control.

To learn more about the ‘While I’m Here’ project, visit www.whileimheretheproject.com