Zixi, AWS Collab on 4K and 8K Tests Over 5G

(Image credit: Zixi)

WALTHAM, Mass.—Zixi, using the AWS Wavelength on the Verizon 5G Edge, is testing live and linear 4K and 8K broadcast media workflows for 5G distribution. Zixi, an AWS partner, says that it is working with a global broadcaster on these tests.

Zixi uses AWS Wavelength to power its Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) to help content providers deliver new kinds of live streamed sports and entertainment experiences. SDVP uses ultra-low latency access to AWS compute and storage services enabled by AWS Wavelength at the Verizon 5G Edge to process UHD videos and compress it for delivery to mobile devices.

The SDVP also utilizes AWS Wavelength’s ability to support a range of remote and distributed production scenarios for increased production workflow efficiency, Zixi says.

According to Eric Bolten, vice president of business development for Zixi, the field tests currently underway are showing latency below 10 ms over an 80-100 Mbps pipe.

“The goal for us—AWS, Verizon and Zixi—is to address the three main elements of live streaming success: latency, overhead and uptime,” said Bolten. “The industry is now ready to go. The industry has evolved from science experiments to real-world production deployments today, not next year.”

For more information, visit aws.amazon.com/wavelength/ (opens in new tab)